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How to lead a company’s digital transformation?

ONDACO is addressing the transformation of an enterprise and its services by starting where the potential impact is the most important. Digital and technology can fundamentally revolutionize sales, production & distribution and customer service. Our approach is voluntarily broad and ubiquitous, in order to address a wide range of industries. From private banking to fintech, from heavy industry to biotechnology and including luxury goods or personal caring services: ALL business sectors can be transformed, including the most conservative ones. To achieve this, ONDACO deploys a recognized, pragmatic and methodical approach. Our Sparklers’ talent will do the rest…

1° stage: ONDACO | Clarify

The Founding Workshop aims at 3 goals. First of all, it formalizes your business environment. Then, it allows us to clarify your value proposition and see if it is shared by all.
Our Sparklers are in charge of facilitating the exchanges and of ensuring active and continuous listening of your team management.
The Business Model Canvas is used to deploy the most appropriate iterative approach. In the dynamic framework of our workshops, organized outside of the work places and the work schedules, we will assess together your digital maturity level from a managerial, operational and financial point of view. We will then formalize and align your business strategy.
The Founding Document of the digital transformation sets the lines of work according to the identified digital maturity level and the business strategy formalized by all the participants at the Clarify workshops. The road map and financial estimate indicate the path to follow and the foreseeable costs to achieve your business model transformation.
The Ideation Workshops allow us to define the topics to be discussed and to stimulate the generation of ideas. An introduction session of all participants called “ice-breaker” will briefly  illustrate each one’s role and skills. Then, 2 to 3 co-creation exercises focused on identified topics will be submitted to the teams composed by professionals with different backgrounds.
Our Sparklers, coming from the worlds of sciences, start-ups, universities, trade and sport illustrate the rules in order to ensure the workshops’ success aimed at value co-creation. Based on Lean Management, they collaborate with you in the smooth conduct of the ideation process. Then, we will assess together the ideas related to the chosen company strategy.
All ideas are good, let us be creative!
The Ideation Document of the digital transformation brings together the ideas identified during the ideation workshops. We analyze all the generated ideas, from the obvious to the more original ones. On the basis of the issues discussed during the workshops, we then focus on the selection of ideas intended to be tested in the following phase.

2° stage : ONDACO | Imagine


3° stage : ONDACO | Experiment

Experimentation of the selected ideas is essential to test the new solutions and quickly validate new concepts. To the creativity of our Sparklers we add new technologies coming from our own ecosystem of start-ups and universities.
Among experienced ideas, the integration of real and virtual environments, the digitalization of physical points-of-sale and the digital transformation within companies will be tested.
We simulate the impact of each of the retained ideas through scenarios and analyze the obtained results according to defined criteria. Our hands-on iterative approach optimizes the achievement of scale models and digital mock-ups realized by our network of computing experts and our innovation Sparklers.
Along by our developers, our Sparklers present the prototyping results and explain the characteristics of the new objects or practices carried out. The new value proposal is thus integrated in your company business model.
The implementation roadmap indicates the chosen direction and the forecasted steps in order to drive the identified change management process.
The preparation is essential. All external and internal aspects will be treated, such as the organization of the teams and the definition of human, technical and financial resources. The aim is the conduct of the change in the company and with its partners and customers. ONDACO guarantees the good execution in the realization of new solutions, by integrating the actors involved or retained in the digital transformation or digital innovation of your business model.
The work management and the control of resources enable us to successfully integrate all the elements of the digital transformation or innovation of your business. This will be achieved with the establishment of new platforms, applications and technologies. The new added value also passes through a new tasks organization and a team coordination more effective and productive. The development of an Action Plan allows the continuous assessment of all the alternatives.
The confirmation of the directions taken and deployed solutions will be done through meetings hold at a steady pace with all of the stakeholders. This iterative approach aims to provide intermediate results visible throughout the process and to ensure a permanent evolution. We ensure that all our actions are consistent with your new strategy. We ensure the change in your business!

4° stage : ONDACO | Implement

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