Digitization at work: the Swiss companies to the test of Workplace Management

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The digital transformation reshapes our ways of communicating, consume, travel and work. In the office, the exponential increase in the time spent in front of a computer by the employees, the growth of telework and the ability to automate most of the tasks requested by the employers induce companies to find alternative solutions and to develop a new skill: the workplace management. After the staff, real estate generates the highest costs for businesses. In this context, the new technologies and the optimization of work spaces are returning in the opportunities for entrepreneurs.

“28% of Swiss citizens of working age have already a job that they exercise from home for at least a half-day per week. The third of the 72% remaining would like to follow this example in the future”. It is the study published by Deloitte in February last year, under the title of “The work space of the future: how digital technology and the Economy of Sharing are in the process of changing the Swiss active population”.

What are the issues of the workplace management? How to implement it within my business? In the Workplace Transformation over time, the co-working spaces represent the last stage of this evolution. Today, there are at least 5 reasons for the economic actors to give more attention. Marie-Thérèse Giorgio, Medical Director and Doctor of Social Work within PMSE SA-Geneva, underlines all the benefits for employees and employers. The answer to the economy transformations, the effective use of new mobile technologies, the reduction of the office size, the facilitation of exchanges between teams and the response to the expectations of the Y Generation lower costs of companies, while increasing the work quality.

In the meantime, the co-working spaces multiply in Switzerland and abroad. In Geneva, Voisins puts together all the tools for wireless connections, provides trainings in the Web’s fields, organizes events and fosters the friendliness within a meal in a young atmosphere. At Vernier (Geneva), Nomadspace offers “flexible and innovative solutions” to firms wishing to find a framework conducive to the development of their business. In France, La Cordée brings together the Nomad Workers through the cities of Lyon, Annecy, Morez, Paris and Rennes.

In view of the interest and the effectiveness demonstrated by the employers as well as by the employees, the new ways of working are returning in the value proposal provided by ONDACO: the employee travel reduction, the construction of relations between workers of different horizons and the network development among teams lead to the increase of productivity and determine the well-being at work.

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