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Established in 2012 as a spinoff of a world leading Biotechnology Company, ONDACO is relying on a team of 20 employees and 30+ Sparklers, resulting in a dynamic and multicultural enterprise’s environment. Our people have a recognized experience in various industries such as Biotechnology, finance (Family Office & Private Banking) and high-tech industries, as well as international organizations.



Our approach, based on the sharing economy, allow us to gather access to highly skilled resources that were otherwise not available on the labor market. Our DNA is directly linked to the profiles of our intervenors: our Sparklers are varied and multicultural; they are involved in academic research projects, conference lecturer, trainer, serial entrepreneur, engineer, industrial mechanic, elite athlete, etc. This profiles’ shuffling, our framework conditions and the unique working environment deployed by ONDACO for our Sparklers are guaranteeing the indispensable spark, so desired and so essential to the success of your digital transformations projects.

To the creativity of our sparklers we add new technologies coming from the ecosystem of start-ups and the universities of French-speaking Switzerland and elsewhere. We work closely with a very dense network of young enterprises that we have selected for their vision, their ability to innovate and their reactivity. Among the experienced ideas, the integration between real and virtual, the evolution of work spaces, technological innovation as well as the digital transformation within the companies will be tested. Our methodology and a pragmatic approach remain the key elements allowing us to guarantee an optimal efficiency.


Our start-ups

| ONDACO Live! |


Based on our experience within technological environments, we have deployed a last generation collaborative platform integrating all indispensable sharing and communication tools, available on all devices used by our experts’ community. This platform, named ONDACO Live! is used by our colleagues, our Sparklers and our innovation partners such as the startups and universities which are part of our ecosystem. It will later on be available also to our clients, in order to bring a pragmatic response to their own data sharing and communication needs.

In order for our Sparklers to flourish, they need space and a place where they can exchange, share and challenge their ideas ! In addition to ONDACO Live! We have decided to provide an environment favorable to collaboration and communication, by deploying the necessary efforts to welcome our talents in a collaborative, open and friendly place, with a positive working atmosphere. Our Sparklers are regularly meeting in an environment propitious to exchange and stimulating both creativity and innovation. This working place is relying on co-working, which is itself based on the fundamental principles of the sharing economy, in this case applied to the working places, tools and means required for the smooth flow of work and activities of each intervenor.



“Sharing economy and collaborative economy should not be viewed as a threat but rather as a real (r)evolution that will deeply and durably impact our habits and practices.”

Marco Piermartiri | CEO.

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