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Why should I change my business model? We often heard this question amongst representatives of Swiss industries and businesses.
So often, we gave answers aligned with the actual economic reality, the request of innovation is increasingly coming up from the consumers themselves.

Today, the number of startups is raising in an exponential way in Switzerland and Europe, by taking important market shares to the longstanding actors! In practice, the former better seem to answer customers’ requirements.

Where does the success of these new business models come from? Whether it is about products or services, the majority of the consumers chooses according to price, effectiveness and brand reputation. According to Jeremiah Owyang, founder of  the “Innovation Council” Crowd Companies, the position taken by firms faced with these three mailmen determines the success or failure of a business model.

In our economy, the most innovative startups embed these concepts in their DNA, with the result to have found the key to satisfy the deepest wishes of their customers: saving time and money.

The founders of Batmaid give example. The Swiss startup developed a platform allowing the subscribers to reserve a cleaning woman in, literally, a few seconds. To the advantage of all actors in place, this business model  unloads the customers of any administrative step for recruitment and employment statement of the contractors. Batmaid revisits this mature market by accomplishing the feat of giving higher wages to the workers while offering attractive prices to the customers. Such a concept also brings its contribution to the country social structure by fighting against the undeclared labor market.

Under the slogan « My home is your office », Office Riders wants to position itself as the Airbnb of B to B. The young French-American firm reconciled professionals in search of a cheap workspace and owners wanting to rent their unoccupied private surfaces. The outcome of this gathering is a platform regrouping the unused areas in several cities between Europe and the United States and a new business model intended to a quick growth.

In Geneva, Prodibi has already enticed the world of the luxury and the photography. The newly awarded startup conceived an images viewer which will change the way we watch pictures on the web. The web surfers will be able to zoom in pictures up to 100 % without any loss of quality, definition or color. Finishing touches of a watch, clothes materials or lipstick colors will not have any more secrets for customers even before entering a store. The photographers’ job finally finds an ideal setting for their professional quality work.

The added-value brought by these stars of the Swiss and international economy did not defer from persuading the investors to support, with several millions of Swiss francs, these business models  intended to change drastically purposes paradigms and customer-experience.

Collaborative economy and digital innovation are the guideline allowing these new entrepreneurs to inscribe the primordial drives of consumption in their successful business models. For actual longstanding medium-size enterprises of our national economy, transformation or digital innovation of their business models remain the most promising key to tomorrow success.

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