Digital Transformation in 2017: which markets to innovate?

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Text: Mirko Venturi et Marco Piermartiri

Major groups, small businesses, contractors and Swiss and European startups have questioned the meaning of the word ‘innovation’ in their business models and its translation in their markets of interest. A survey conducted by Cabinet Viseo has highlighted the companies’ objectives related to Digital Transformation: 42% of the interviewed entrepreneurs combines innovation to the creation of value, 37% focuses on the improvement of the customer experience and 21% on the development of collaboration and internal processes. With respect to customers’ habits and to markets’ evolutions, the co-founder of the HUB Institute Emmanuel Vivier lists the 7 most important Digital Trends expected in 2017.

Five Swiss Start-ups will build the future. Thanks to a strong increase of revenues and the interest of the investors, these young companies seem to be able to disrupt their markets. Based in Saint-Sulpice (VD), Sophia Genetics has doubled its workforce to 130 people in 2016. Specialized in the supply of artificial intelligence in healthcare (Genomic diagnostics of hereditary diseases and cancers), the Company of Jurgi Camblong has already crossed the Swiss border to move abroad. The Artificial Intelligence is also the main technology adopted by the company of the Swiss Start-up ViDi Systems. The winner of the competition Robot Launch 2016 has developed developed its robots’ eyesight, even today to find the defective parts in the medical devices, watchmakers and vehicles.

In 2017, a growing number of Internet users could access their computer after a face recognition or voice identification. Funded by a group of investors such as Swisscom Venture, the Start-up KeyLemon is developing its software Oasis Face in order to adapt it to the banking industry. In the future, our automated teller machines could “recognize” us even before to ask for the PIN code of our credit card. It is also thanks to the platform of participatory loans WeCan.Fund that several young innovative start-ups have been able to develop themselves in the current year. For example, BestMile seems to be the most efficient company in the design and management of platforms for autonomous vehicles and in the supply of shuttles without driver in Switzerland.

Within a few years, the mobility market may be able to welcome the arrival of a new entrant: SeaBubble, the inventor of the “Flying Bubbles”. Early in 2017, the French company will present its electric vehicle prototypes capable of gliding on the water. Motivated by a project worthy of the trilogy Back to the Future of Robert Zemeckis and supported by the Paris City Hall, Alain Thébault and Anders Bringdal hope to disrupt this market on a global scale, starting by give their contribution to easing traffic congestion in Paris.

Discussed in the newspapers, specialized magazines and on the Web, the expression of “Digital Transformation” generates enthusiasm for many companies (which have increased their revenues), but also of uncertainty, even misunderstanding by some others. As the founder of the HUB Institute points out: the companies that will succeed in their Digital transformation have learned to adopt some unavoidable approaches. For example, understand that people do not want to be friends of the brands and that it is necessary to multiply the relevance of the product to the person who owns it (customization). Some other requirements are: reorganize the content management and the digital marketing, valuing the teams, put robotics at the service of human, learn to better manage available time and resources and, finally, measure performance with key indicators, sharing the results with all staff. Furthermore, the 7 Digital Trends listed by Emmanuel Vivier are also those that the companies need to follow and on which it will be necessary to act the next year. In an economy that is changing at breakneck speed, 2017 is the last chance for the digitalization’ skeptics to try to catch up with their digital delay !

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